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Personal Trainer
Wow, did I hit a home run when I found Amanda Harris AKA Barbie Barbell as a trainer. Amanda has been my trainer for over three years and she sure knows her business.

She has designed a fitness program that has improved my health and given me a much better life style. We started a three day a week workout that has turned into five days
a week. Amanda includes cardio, bands, weights along with diet and supplements to
ensure a complete program for a better healthier life. I started out weighing 348 lbs. and
to date have lost 108 lbs with another 20 lbs to go. She is a super athlete who has her
clients best interest at heart, I certainly would recommend Amanda for anyone at any level
as a trainer. She encourages me to be better at maintaining all aspects of my health.
She makes it easy. Bruce Franke

Amanda has been training my daughters for 2 years now, teaching basic fitness, nutrition, good form and posture. The girls love her and consider her a big sister. During the time the girls have been working with Amanda their strength has increased, their posture and form have improved, and the girls overall have more confidence and can-do attitude. We look forward to training with Amanda for years to come!